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Public Cloud Deployments

Public cloud is the hottest new thing in IT services. But how do you know if its a good fit for you?

South Florida IT Consulting can take your production servers and create a test environment for you to see your actual workloads performing for your employees.  This means that if your take the plunge into public cloud you will already know that its going to work and how well.

Infrastructure Architecture

The dreaded refresh cycle.  We all know we need to do it, but the struggles of moving work loads to new equipment shouldn't have to include down time or worse performance than the old infrastructure.

South Florida IT Consulting can design a high quality infrastructure and create an optimized migration plan to limit down time and guarantee highly performing systems that keep your business running at full speed.

Network design

The backbone of all good infrastructure needs to be strong and capable of providing data when you need it to the systems that crunch it.

Whether across the office or across the country, South Florida IT Consulting can help you with a network that moves data fast and keeps costs low.


Virtualization Conversions

Ready to use every bit of those $1000 processors $500 sticks of RAM in your new server? We can show just how much work those servers can do by converting your physical work loads to virtual ones.

Other Services

Don't think your issue is covered here?  Just give us a call and we can schedule a block of time to come and review your environment on site.  After we collect your pain points we will give you a list of options to correct the things that slow you down.


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